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Client Reviews

He’s the best!

If you’re innocent, and you want Steve to prove you’re innocent, he’ll dig in till he finds the truth.  He’s the best!

– Dennis (5 star review)

I was very fortunate to find one of the best attorneys

If I had to describe in a few short words the DA’ office & the police department I would have to use words like prosecutorial misconduct and amateur police work. It is their world and they know how to play the game well, unless you have a very sharp attorney you could never win, the game is stacked against you. I was very fortunate to find one of the best attorneys on the peninsula in Steven Chase. Steven Chase was very good at explaining to me the good, the bad & the ugly of our justice system and prepared me for all aspects yet to come. I would highly recommend Attorney Steven Chase for any legal difficulties you might find yourself in, because the alternative could be jail and a lot of money. I have never seen an attorney make both the DA’s office and the police department look foolish, except for maybe Perry Mason, but that is Hollywood and this is real life. If it was not for Steven Chase I could have been another one of those many people you read about that was wrongly convicted, but he made so many holes in the DA’s case it looked like Swiss cheese and at the end of the day they had no case. The bottom line is that the DA’s office never really looks at all the facts, but rather leaves it up to your attorney to do so, in other words, you are guilty until your attorney can prove you are innocent. Those are the simple facts about our justice system.

– Michael (5 star review)

I wholeheartedly and unequivocally endorse Mr. Chase

Mr. Chase handled my case with professionalism, care and dedication. He went to great lengths to research my case and situation thoroughly, and developed a comprehensive and effective plan to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Mr Chase was most considerate of me, my family and friends in keeping us constantly informed of progress in my case. My opinion was sought out at every turn and was of primary consideration to Mr. Chase and staff. He is highly qualified, very knowledgeable and supremely principled. I wholeheartedly and unequivocally endorse Mr. Chase.

– Chris (5 star review)

I got his number locked in my memory banks

He helped me.

– Craig (5 star review)

Got the job done

I did not have to take out a loan on my home, in order for my husband to be represented. I am now seeking his services for my own expungement case. If you have the need for legal representation in San Mateo County, Steven Chase is an excellent alternative to the private defender program.

– anonymous (4 star review)

Very good

Very helpful and good at sticking to facts in trial instead of dramatics. Mr Chase gives you a sense of support and it feels like he is truly on your side.

– Jen (5 star review)


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